•Riordan Concrete have over 30 years experience in the septic tank market.

•Our septic tanks are certified to the highest European standards, certified to EN 12566-1

•Riordan concrete septic tanks are strong and durable made with 45 Newton concrete.

•With a 4000 litre capacity our tanks are more than capable of handling the sewage needs of an 10 person home.

•Opposed to fibreglass & plastic tanks, precast concrete tanks are stronger and more cost effective, where as fibreglass & plastic tanks need to be backfilled with concrete to strengthen them, precast concrete tanks can be backfilled with ordinary backfill saving time and money.

•Our single unit septic tanks are easy & quick to install & can be installed on site by John Riordan Concrete.

•Riordan Concrete septic tanks come fitted with bitumen tape seal between cover & tank and rubber seals for inlet and outlet pipes to speed up the installation process and completely seal the tank both from seepage & from external ground water.

•In addition we also supply Distribution Boxes to disperse evenly the clarified wastewater form the tank into the percolation area & Tank Risers where the ground around the tank is higher the riser will bring the height of the manhole up to its level.

Septic Tanks